Customer proximity, quality and sustainability

Qualität bedeutet, dass der Kunde zurückkommt und nicht das Produkt.For over 100 years, one principle has been our priority at Burkhardt:

„Customer satisfaction is the yardstick by which the quality of our products and services is measured.“

And we have had this confirmed in writing with several certifications. Among them are, for example, the unit certificate of the BDEW or the SeSam safety certificate. During the certification process pursuant to ISO 9001, we defined our primary guiding principle even further and derived the five guiding principles of our quality policy from it.

Five guiding principles of our quality policy


The customer is the focal point of all of our activities. We generate benefit for our customers with innovation and dedication and thus also ensure our own development.

Our aspiration: satisfied customers


By offering innovative and well-engineered products, we are always a step ahead of the market. The demands placed on our products and services (by statutory regulations, customers, markets) are part of our processes and are continuously reascertained and verified.

Our aspiration: flawless, complying products


Qualification and regular training or further education measures are the basis for quality and occupational safety. By involving and regularly informing our employees, we kindle their motivation.

Our aspiration: self-reliant, motivated employees.


By continuously developing and improving our processes even further, we reduce costs, improve our products and increase the customer benefit with quality and reliability.

Our aspiration: transparent processes, clear structures

Learning culture

To err is human and we can learn from our mistakes. By applying preventive and corrective measures, errors are sustainably remedied. By verifying the efficiency of the measures and with open communication, we can prevent mistakes from happening again.

Our aspiration: open approach to errors, keep them from happening again


Our company and products are certified in the form of various certificates. These include, for example, the BDEW unit certificate, the SeSam safety certificate and the Certificate ISO 9001.