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Burkhardt V4.50 wood gasifier installed at research institute

Burkhardt V4.50 wood gasifier installed at research institute

Burkhardt's second 50 kW container was recently commissioned in Sheffield, UK. In a Europe-wide tender by the University of Sheffield, we managed to beat the competition with our wood gas technology.

A V4.50 wood gasifier and CHP are now part of the research facilities of the Translational Energy Research Centre, one of Europe's largest research and development institutes in the fields of zero-carbon energy, hydrogen and bioenergy. 

What the Translational Energy Research Centre says about the project:

"Thanks to the support from Burkhardt GmbH, both virtually and in person, the new V4.50 wood gasifier and Smartblock 50 T CHP engine at the Translational Energy Research Centre at the University of Sheffield, UK are now fully installed! We also received some excellent training for our staff and PhD students on both the operation and maintenance of the equipment. The Translational Energy Research Centre is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

"The system produces clean syngas for combined heat and power generation (110 kWth and 50 kWel) from biomass pellets. We can use this facility for research into process parameters, syngas quality and power conversion, as well as supporting wood fuel development. When integrated with the other systems onsite, this also allows for comprehensive performance assessments and characterisation of power generation from a range of biomass fuels, enabling research and innovative development of low-carbon energy. Our adaptations to the system also support the offtake of the syngas for assessments of sustainable fuels production for use in the aviation sector, and also the flue gas output is fully integrated with the onsite CO2 capture facilities to research systems integration and net negative emissions.

"We look forward to using the gasifier and CHP engine in our research projects, and are grateful for all the support we received from Burkhardt GmbH."

We are also delighted with the successful completion of the project and would like to express our sincere thanks to the client for the excellent collaboration.

  • European Union Development Fund

  • Commissioning and training on the gasifier V4.50 on site

  • Top and side view of Burkhardt 50 kW container unit