The „Prefab“ energy generation units

System building by Burkhardt: Wood Gasifier V 3.90 and CHP ECO

In addition to our wood gasifiers and combined heat and power plants delivered ready-to-use and complete in concrete modules, we now also offer a system building to house an entire wood gasifier CHP module

In our system unit, wood gasifiers V 3.90, a CHP of the ECO series with a noise-protection cabin and the pellet store can be accommodated in one unit in an efficient and space-saving manner. The fuel storage is designed as a rectangular bunker with a slanted floor. Feeding takes place via a bucket elevator. The pent roof hall in simple steel construction with sandwich panels is the ideal alternative to the existing building. The standardized construction allows it to be built quickly and cheaply on site. The interface to the customer constitutes a finished foundation with a concrete base.

  • Dimensions (W × H): 19.00 × 6.40 m
  • Height bunker: 7.15 m
  • Height technical room: 6.30 m
  • Net volume bunker: 92 m³
  • Dimensions shutter gate (W × H): 5.50 × 4.40 m
  • Dimensions entryway (W × H): 1.13 (2.27) × 2.00 m

Burkhardt system building with wood gasifier and CHPPositioning of the Burkhardt wood gas generatorView to bucket elevator and pellet bunker

Container solution for V 4.50 and smartblock 50T

Design and components

 Design and components of CHP container V4.50

The container consists of a welded steel frame construction with an assembly hood mounted on the roof that includes part of the ventilation system. The built-in fibreglass insulation ensures that the plant meets heat insulation and fire safety requirements. Wood gasifier, CHP and all other components are completely installed, wired and hydraulically piped (including insulation). You only have to set up the assembly hood, flue and flare upon delivery. The plant is then ready for use within a short period of time. This does not only save time but is also cheaper than installation in a conventional machine room.

The colour distinction between the frame (RAL 6004, blue green) and the rest of the outer panelling with painted profiled metal sheets (RAL 9007, grey aluminium) makes the plant visually appealing.


Advantages at a glance

Where integration into a building is not possible, our container solution can help.The complete system design for wood gasifier V4.50, CHP smartblock 50T and peripherals fits compactly and functionally in the specially made mobile steel housing.

  • Mobility
    If you want to relocate, the container system can be disassembled in no time for transport. Setting up an expensive power house is therefore not necessary.
  • Availibility
    After a short and simple assembly on site the container system is quickly available.
  • Planning
    The standardised design reduces the planning, construction and commissioning time.
  • Space requirements
    Thanks to the compact design and perfectly matched components, the system requires less space than a conventional setup in a machine room.
  • Flexibility
    The identical design of the container systems allows an easy extension of the total plant power.

 3D view of Burkhardt container for wood gas CHP unit and wood gas generator V 4.50Burkhardt container solution to house the biomass power plant

For further information please have a look at the flyer in our download area.