CHP within its own four walls

Quiet outdoor use: Concrete cell

The sound-proof concrete modular unit for one CHP of the ECO series is installed and wired ready for use with air and exhaust gas routing, sound absorption, control technology as well as a complete electrical installation. The heating assembly and complete lubricating oil supply can be integrated on request. The customer only has to provide a foundation. The plant is delivered ready for connection and is operational within a short time.

Dimensions: 8.38 × 2.98 × 3.29 m (L × W × H)

Concrete cell for the Burkhardt CHPs

Compact: sound insulation cabinet

Our specially developed, space-saving housing for the engine and generator unit of an ECO CHP, as well as heat exchanger reduces the noise emissions reliably by about 25 dB. The side doors of the cabin can be opened for maintenance work in just a few simple steps. The air circulation system with a fan integrated in the roof rack frame ensures an optimum supply of combustion and cooling air for reliable engine running.

Dimensions: 5.00 × 1.87 × 2.82 m (L × W × H)

Sound insulating cabinet for the Burkhardt CHPs

Solid enclosure: drywall cell

For installing our CHPs in an existing building we offer a drywall construction enclosure in metal post and beam construction. The walls consist of a metal substructure as a single stud frame and double planking made of special plates. A mineral wool insulation is introduced in the wall cavity. As an F90 construction, the drywall cell meets the fire protection requirements according to German DIN 4102.

Example dimensions: 6.25 × 3.45 × 3.00 m (L × W × H)

Drywall cell for the Burkhardt CHPs