Digital solutions and automation

Technical solutions that reduce the maintenance effort for your plants to a minimum

Plant web portal

With the plant web portal, you always have an overview of your plants: From commissioning to service and maintenance, the entire life cycle including an overview of outputs, operating hours, own consumption and temperatures can be viewed on a central platform. Secure remote access via VPN connection allows you to operate your plants in real time from any location.

  • Operation of the servers in a private cloud in Bavaria: your data is not stored abroad
  • Individual access to the system and portal for each employee and operator

Our digital solutions create value

Digital maintenance management system:

  • Maintenance schedules can be viewed and checked off digitally. Completed maintenance reports can be retrieved and viewed online retrospectively.
  • Maintenance planning via the calendar view for multiple plants optimizes availability.

With document management, all important documents (maintenance plans, instructions, spare parts catalogs) can be viewed and downloaded within a few clicks.

The online operation log allows the recording of various events for complete traceability of the operation.

Real-time and historical data:

  • With the plant dashboard including all key data analysis points, you can detect machine performance degradation or impending failure at an early stage.
  • Malfunction reports: not only the number and duration of faults can be identified. By differentiating between causal and consequential faults, operational optimizations are possible
  • Time series can be hidden or resolved differently by individual settings, for example.
  • A recording of NOx emissions, as well as the retrieval via Excel is possible.
  • All operating data can be exported on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Open system: 

  • We offer Interfaces for external data acquisition via Modbus TCP possible, e.g. for building control system.
  • Control via external systems possible via potential-free contacts and Modbus TCP, e.g. CHP output or heat recovery.

Remote commissioning and service operations are possible. Using HUD glasses and a headset, six plants in Japan were put into operation during the corona pandemic.

Automation of the wood gasification process

We achieve a higher level of technical availability and customer service

We achieve fully automatic operation of our wood gas plants via various control and regulation concepts:

  • Automatic wood gasifier start-up
  • Automatic fuel control for different operating modes
  • Supply air control for wood gasifier for optimum efficiency
  • Knock control with automatic efficiency optimisation for the CHP
  • Automatic CHP restart after power failure possible
  • Output control via CHP and wood gasifier also for external output specifications
  • Logging and monitoring of plant parameters and devices as well as alerts via text and email in the event of anomalies

The use of special, resistant wood gasifier components allows for less downtime and better diagnostics via remote maintenance.