Combined Heat and Power with Gas

Still in the running: natural gas – efficient production of heat and power with cogeneration units

Cogeneration units running on the classical fuel, natural gas, are widespread. One of the reasons is that, in urban areas, natural gas mains are available everywhere and many buildings have a direct connection.

Natural gas consists predominantly of methane and is extracted from large gas fields to be found, for example, in Norway, Russia or the USA. Germany obtains small amounts of the fossil fuel domestically, the rest comes mostly from Russia and Norway.

Natural gas cogeneration units are a relatively environmentally friendly way of burning the fuel with comparatively low CO2 emissions. Compared with other fossil fuels, such as heating oil or coal, polluting emissions are some 25 percent lower. With relatively low impurities, natural gas is cleaner burning than other fossil fuels.

Burkhardt cogeneration units ECO 138 – 355 EG

Since 2004, we have produced cogeneration units, starting with vegetable oil units in the power classes 200/240 kW. We have devoted ourselves to the development of more efficient cogeneration units and continue to develop our products further. The result: many combined heat and power projects in Europe and around the world. In our main factory in Mühlhausen (Bavaria) we currently produce, in addition to our wood gas systems, high-performance natural gas cogeneration units in the power range 138 to 355 kW.

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