Biomass power plants: cogeneration with wood

Heat and power from wood pellets

Working on the principle of combined heat and power generation, Burkhardt units use wood pellets to generate electricity and heat. Wood pellets to ENplus A1 specification are used. Our biomass power plant consists of a wood gasifier and the downstream cogeneration power plant.

Biomass power plant: wood gasifier V3.90 and CHP ECO 165 HG

Stage 1: Generation of combustible wood gas in the wood gasifier

The Burkhardt wood gasifiers uses wood pellets as the fuel to produce a combustible gas (wood gas or syngas). The central stage takes place in the patented reactor, where the wood pellets are converted into wood gas in several process stages. The wood gas (syngas) is then processed in various downstream stages for use in the cogeneration thermal power plant. Gas cooling enables heat to be extracted for heating purposes.

Stage 2: Gas conversion in the combined heat and power plant

The cleaned and cooled wood gas (syngas) is subsequently converted in the combined thermal power plant: The synthesis gas (wood gas) is burned in the engine and drives a generator to produce electricity. The generated electricity can be consumed by the plant itself or fed into the public grid in return for payment. The resulting heat is decoupled and can be used for heating purposes.

Our cogeneration technology explained

This video shows the wood gas generator with CHP in Ueno Village, Japan from 2015. It is the first commercial gasifier running on wood pellets in Japan. Both heat and power are used in the adjacent "shiitake" mushroom plant. The pellets are made from local wood resources. 

We offer two performance classes as standard:

Wood gasifier V3.90 with CHP ECO 165 HG or ECO 180 HG

Electrical output: 165 kW or 180 kW (dependent on CHP type)

Thermal output: 260 kW or 270 kW (dependent on CHP type)

Fuel: wood pellets according to ENplus-A1

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Wood gasifier V4.50 with CHP smartblock 50T

Electrical output: 50 kW

Thermal output: 110 kW

Fuel: wood pellets according to ENplus-A1

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Development – Production – Support

As one of the leading manufacturer of biomass power plants, we are your one-stop supplier from development to planning over manufacturing, assembly to installation. We place great value on the high quality of our material and implementation. We are certified as per DIN ISO 9001 BDEW and SeSam, and can thus guarantee consistent standards regarding our products to our customers.

Learn more about the Burkhardt biomass power plants in our broschure „Heat and power with wood pellets“ (PDF, 3.3 MB)

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