Burkhardt Pelletinspector 1.0 T

Test the mechanical strength of your wood pellets in accordance with DIN EN 15210-01

You can use the pellet inspector to determine the mechanical strength of wood pellets. The testing process and design of the pellet inspector comply with DIN EN 15210-1. This pellet tester has two testing chambers that operate at the same time. This allows you to test two independent samples in parallel. The pellet samples are exposed to controlled impacts by colliding the pellets with each other and with the walls of the rotating testing chamber. The strength is calculated based on the sample mass that is left after the finely crushed and rubbed-off particles are removed. 

Who needs the Pelletinspector 1.0 T?

Burkhardt's Pellet Inspector 1.0 T is useful for anyone who wants to determine the mechanical strength of wood pellets according to DIN EN 15210-01. For example: pellet manufacturers, pellet dealers and testing institutes, but also pellet consumers, such as pellet heating system operators, wood pellet gasifiers, etc. However, other potential buyers can also be found in the wood industry, for example furniture manufacturers, sawmills or carpentry businesses, who process their wood waste into wood pellets.

Technical dataPelletinspector to test the meachanical strength

  • Connection data: 230V / 1 Ph / 50Hz / 16A
  • Control voltage: 24 V AC
  • Protection class: 1
  • Operating temperature: 20°C / 68°F
  • Dimensions: 780mm x 520mm x 690mm
  • Weight: approx. 70kg
  • Delivery time: approx. 2 weeks


To test pellets with the Pellet Inspector 1.0 T, you need a balance (min. 2 kg; accuracy 0.1g) and a round hole sieve with 3.15 mm punched holes. Upon request, you can purchase both from us as well.

Should you be interested in Burkhardt's Pelletinspector 1.0 T and have any further questions or if you want to place an order...

...please send us an e-mail to: energy@burkhardt-gmbh.de

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