Wood pellets and wood chips as fuel

The fuels that powers our gasifiers

Wood pellets

The Burkhardt wood gas generators V3.90, V3.90S and V4.50 run on wood pellets according to the ENplus A1 specification only. This specification defines the composition of the pellets in terms of, for example, water and ash content, size and ash softening point. In turn, this very homogeneous fuel allows for a very homogeneous gasification process and thus enables the smooth, long-term operation of the plant. The wood pellets are also more compact and easier to store (no drying and turning in advance is necessary).

Spezification ENplus A1

Bulk density≥ 600 kg/m³
Water content≤ 10 % by mass
Heating value≥ 4.6 kWh/kg
Mechanical strength≥ 97.5 % by mass
Ash content≤ 0.7 % by mass
Nitrogen≤ 0.3 % by mass

Wood pellets of specification EN Plus A1 serve as fuel for Burkhardt wood gasifiers V3.90, V3.90S and V4.50.

Wood chips

For fuel, the recently developed V5.90S wood gasifier uses natural, pre-dried quality woodchips to DIN EN ISO 17225-4. To be able to guarantee optimum plant operation, the woodchips should meet the following quality parameters:

  • Particle size class: P31S
  • Water content: ≤ 10 Ma. %
  • Ash content: ≤ 1.0 Ma. % in dry matter

Ideally, the fuel should not contain impurities such as stones, soil or metals. These foreign substances can cause problems in the conveying systems and in the gasification process.

The newly developed V5.90S wood gasifier uses pre-dried quality wood chips as fuel.

Wood as source of energy

Wood is a renewable and climate-neutral fuel and are therefore ideal for decentralised heat generation. Moreover, with Burkhardt's cogeneration technology, it is also possible to generate environmentally friendly electricity that can be fed into the local power grid or used in the premises itself. This technology can be mainly found as base load support in

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