Burkhardt´s muscle men

Combined heat and power

We have been successful in the CHP sector since 2005 and have installed over 340 cogeneration plants in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, England, Luxembourg, Switzerland and in Japan. We started by using vegetable oil as fuel and constantly continued to develop our products. Today we offer, our state-of-the-art wood-gas CHPs ECO 180 HG (pilot injection gas engine), ECO 165 HG (combustion engine) run on wood pellets and the CHP series with natural gas.

Innovation and efficiency

For our wood gas CHPs ECO 180 HG and ECO 165 HG and our CHPs with natural gas we rely on sturdy engines by MAN. We continue to develop and optimise the units for our purposes, including numerous in-house developments, in order to achieve the most efficient result with wood gas. Directly driven synchronous generators supply three-phase current for grid-connected operation. With the product lines ECO 180 and ECO 165 we offer you the design as a pilot-injection engine as well as a spark-ignition engine. 

Ever since the time the product range was extended to include our 50 kW module, we have been collaborating with the experienced CHP manufacturer KW Energie from Freystadt. In close collaboration, a CHP resulted from the already successful smartblock range, which is ideally suited for use with wood gas. Just like our CHPs of the ECO series, the smartblock 50 T is also built on a solid base frame. The engine and generator are directly coupled and elastically mounted. A sound-absorbing cover encloses the entire unit.