Burkhardt´s muscle men: wood gas CHPs

Innovation and efficiency in the power plant segment

For our wood gas CHPs ECO we rely on sturdy engines by MAN. We continue to develop and optimise the units for our purposes, including numerous in-house developments, in order to achieve the most efficient result with wood gas. 

What you can expect from our cogeneration units:

  • power check of every cogeneration unit in combination with the wood gasifier on a test rig and documentation,
  • long service intervals
  • connection requirements for feed-in to the public supply network fulfilled as standard,
  • integral hydraulic system disconnect for safety,

Basic cogeneration equipment:

  • MAN engine and generator from Leroy Somer,
  • ignition system,
  • oxidation catalyser,
  • heat extraction from exhaust, including exhaust heat exchanger (integrated in the base frame),
  • heat extraction from engine cooling, including plate heat exchanger, cooling water pump and safety system (integrated in the base frame),
  • components for aeration of the CHP room
  • switchgear and control,
  • remote maintenance access via Burkhardt plant portal.

We offer different performance classes:

Output 330 kWel / 390 kWel »

CHP ECO 495 in combination with two

Burkhardt wood gasifiers V3.90,  V3.90S or V5.90S

Heat and Power with CHP ECO 495

Output 160 kWel / 190 kWel »

CHP ECO 220 in combination with 

one Burkhardt wood gasifier V3.90V3.90S or V5.90S

Heat and Power with CHP ECO HG

Output 50 kWel »

CHP ECO 50 HG in combination with

one Burkhardt wood gasifier V4.50

Burkhardt CHP ECO 50 HG

Heat an Power with wood pellets or wood chips

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