Wood gas CHP ECO 495

Output: 390 kWel / 610 kWth

Together with two Burkhardt V 3.90 or two Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifiers, the CHP generates about 390 kW electrical and about 610 kW thermal energy and has a pellet consumption rate of 244 kg/h.Heat and Power with CHP ECO 495

The technology in the Burkhardt ECO 495 combined heat and power unit

The heart of the ECO 495 CHP unit is a V12 gas engine with turbocharger, which is specially adapted for operation with wood gas. An air-cooled synchronous generator from Leroy Somer is responsible for generating electricity in the CHP unit.

The ECO 495 series CHP unit is designed as a ready-to-connect module: The exhaust system, consisting of an exhaust gas heat exchanger and oxidation catalyser, is already integrated in the base frame. The plate heat exchanger for system separation, the cooling water pump and the safety system are also on the CHP frame ready for connection. The two-part control cabinet is installed close to the CHP unit. With an internal power consumption of 2.9 kW, the ECO 495 CHP unit is also highly efficient.

The total output at a glance:

CHP ECO 495 in combination with

2 wood gasifier V3.90 / V3.90S

CHP ECO 495 in combination with

2 wood gasifier V5.90S


Wood pelletsWood chips

Electrical Output

390 kW330 kW

Thermal Output

610 kW485 kW

Fuel consumption

245 kg/h240 kg/h

Total efficiency el.

32.0 %31.0%

Space requirement CHP (LxWxH)

6.00 m x 4.00 m x 3.50 m6.00 m x 4.00 m x 3.50 m