Burkhardt wood gasifier V 3.90 

in combination with CHP ECO 220

The V 3.90 Burkhardt wood gas generator, together with the CHP ECO 220 delivers electrical and thermal energy from wood pellets. We are able to generate 290 kW heat and 190 kW of electricity.

Material flow of the Burkhardt biomass power plant

High efficiency with wood pellets

By gasifying the wood pellets and using the resulting gas in a cogeneration combustion engine (CHP), the energy contained in the raw material is used in the best possible manner. The combined plants have an electrical efficiency of up to about 30%. The wood pellet consumption rate is of about 127 kg/h.

Reinventing the method

Our method is based on the principle of ascending downdraft gasification. Fuel and air are fed to the gas reactor from below in a controlled way and are dosed with such precision, that the pellets swirl in certain areas without being carried away. Due to the uniform size of the wood pellets, the fluidised bed stabilises on its own.

Clean and energy-rich wood gas (syngas)

The Burkhardt wood gasifier is an autothermal gasifier. This means that no external heat source is required. In thermal gasification, ligneous and other carbon-like fuels can be converted into lean gas. The advantage of the Burkhardt process lies in the constant gas formation and the purity of the gas. 

Overview performance with CHP


Wood gasifier V3.90

with CHP ECO 220

Electrical output190 kW
Thermal output290 kW
Pellet consumption127 kg/h
Pilot oil consumption-
overal efficiency el.approx. 30 %
Space requirementsmin. 65 m²


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