Burkhardt wood gasifier V 3.90S

in combination with CHP ECO HG

The V 3.90S Burkhardt wood gas generator, together with the Burkhardt CHP ECO 220 , delivers electrical and thermal energy from wood pellets. We we are able to generate 305 kW heat and 190 kW of electricity.

Two V3.90S wood gasifiers can be combined with a Burkhardt CHP ECO 495 and have an output of 390 kWel / 610 kWth.

 Wood gasifier V3.90S

Enhanced technology

The V3.90S wood gasifier works using the same process principle as the well-established V3.90: Heat and electricity are generated by gasifying wood pellets and then burning the generated wood gas in the combined heat and power unit.

The V3.90S, however, has been rethought and optimised in terms of process control and design. By using a water-cooled gas cooler instead of cooling with air, there is now no need for ventilation components on the wood gasifier. This is particularly advantageous when there are several wood gasifiers in one space: Machine room ventilation can be designed according to the structural circumstances and the number of wood gasifiers, and with integration of the gas cooling in the heating water circuit, the residual heat from the wood gas can additionally be used for heating purposes.

Optimised space requirements

Compared to the V3.90, the V3.90S wood gasifier requires less space and more installation options are possible – for example, the operating side can be selected. Thanks to the intelligent arrangement of the components on the platform, the wood gasifier can be placed with one long side against the wall. For multiple installations, this offers the advantage that two wood gasifiers can be placed directly next to each other.

High availability of wood gasifier and CHP

Burkhardt wood gasifiers and CHP units are already in operation at more than 325 sites worldwide. Thanks to decades of experience and constant enhancement of our plant technology, most of our customers achieve availability rates of over 90%. This corresponds to around 8,000 operating hours.

Overview performance with CHP:

Wood gasifier V3.90S and 


2 x  Wood gasifier V3.90S and


Electrical output190 kW390 kW
Thermal output305 kW610 kW

Efficiency el.

Pellet qualityWood pellets (ENplus A1)Wood pellets (ENplus A1)
Pellet consumptionapprox. 122 kg/h wood pelletsapprox. 245 kg/h wood pellets
Space requirementsapprox. 52 m²approx. 82 m²


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