Burkhardt wood gasifier V 4.50

in combination with CHP smartblock 50T

The Burkhardt wood gas generator V 4.50, together with the CHP smartblock 50T delivers electrical and thermal energy from wood pellets. This way we are able to generate 110 kW heat and 50 kW of electricity.

Burkhardt biomass power plant with 50 kW electrical outputHolzgas-KWK-System mit 50 kW elektrischer LeistungOperation of a Burkhardt wood gasifier V 4.50 via touch screen

Proven wood gasifier technology

The V 4.50 works according to the same principle as its big technical brother, the V 3.90, namely by way of parallel flow gasification, during which fuel and air are fed to the gas reactor from below in a controlled way and are dosed with such precision that the pellets fluidise in certain areas without being carried away. Due to the uniform size of the wood pellets, the fluidised bed stabilises on its own. An efficient gas-Otto CHP takes over the electricity generation from the wood gas (syngas).

Design Burkhardt wood gasifier V4.50

The Burkhardt V 4.50 is manufactured in a modular design. The gas reactor, gas heat exchanger, gas filter, and all other relevant components are mounted on the base plate of the gasifier and piped ready for connection. The dust storage of the flare line is also attached to the base plate, saving space. Since no condensate is produced in the V 4.50, there is no need for a collecting tank. The same is true for a shavings screen, since the accruing shavings are also burnt within the reactor.

Electrical output of 50 kW from wood pellets

Consuming approximately 40 kg/h, the system generates about 50 kW of electricity and about 110 kW of heat respectively. This means that 1 kg of wood pellets yields 1.25 kW of electricity and 2.75 kW of heat.

The total output at a glance:

  • Electrical output: 50 kW
  • Thermal output: 110 kW
  • Electrical plant efficiency: 25 %
  • Thermal efficiency: 55 %
  • Overall efficiency: 80 %
  • Fuel: wood pellets (EN Plus A1)
  • Pellet consumption: 0.8 kg/kWhel (40 kg/h for 50 kWel)
  • V 4.50 (L × W × H): 4400 × 1485 × 3325 mm
  • smartblock (L × W × H): 2260 × 960 × 1780 mm
  • Space requirements: min. 48 m²

Burkhardt biomass power plant with the wood gasifier V 4.50 and the CHP smartblock 50T