Burkhardt wood gasifier V5.90S

in combination with CHP ECO 220 or ECO 495

The Burkhardt V5.90S wood gas generator, together with the Burkhardt CHP ECO 220 or CHP ECO 495, delivers electrical and thermal energy from woodchips. Depending on which CHP we use, we are able to generate 240 or 485 kW heat and 160 or 330 kW of electricity. 

The Burkhardt V5.90S wood gas generator, together with the Burkhardt CHP delivers electrical and thermal energy from woodchips.

(subject to technical changes)

Expansion of the product portfolio

In terms of fuel, the focus up to now has been exclusively on the use of wood pellets class ENPlus A1, although research has also been conducted into the use of other fuels. The result of the development work is an innovative woodchip-fuelled CHP plant that differs completely from the previous concept in respect of the gasification process. 

Wood gas generation using multi-stage gasification

In contrast to the previous V3.90S wood gasifier, conversion in the V5.90S woodchip gasifier reactor takes place in a descending process in the co-current flow and in the fixed bed. "Descending" means that the various stages of gasification take place from top to bottom. The fuel is fed in from above, and the resulting wood gas and charcoal exit the gas reactor downwards. In addition, the new development with wood pellets uses a multi-stage gasification principle: This means that the three process steps – pyrolysis, oxidation and reduction – take place in one reactor. A further new feature is the gas-air heat exchanger, which pre-heats the gasification air with the aid of the hot wood gas, thereby increasing efficiency.

Overview performance with CHP:

Wood gasifier V5.90S and


2 wood gasifier V5.90S and


Electrical output160 kW330 kW
Thermal output240 kW485 kW
Electrical efficiency30.0 %31.0 %

Woodchips P31S M10 A1.0 with

< 2m% [<15mm] from logs or flitch

Fuel consumption120 kg/h (750 g/kWh)240 kg/h (730 g/kWh)

 Read more about the wood gasifier V5.90S in our broschure "Heat and Power with woodchips" (PDF, 1,1 MB).

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