References overview with wood gas

Burkhardt cogeneration plants in Europe and Asia

  • Cogeneration plants overall: more than 380 plants in operation
  • Cogeneration with wood gas: more than 250 biomass power plants in operation
  • 8 countries with wood gas CHP

 Overview map of Burkhardt cogeneration plants

as of: 03/2019

A small excerpt from our over 250 projects with wood gas CHPs in Europe and other countries.

References Germany

Location Facitilies Heat use
Ladbergen, GER 32 One airport and several regional industrial facilities
Hinterschmiding, GER 2 Wood drying chamber and pellet production
Hohenburg, GER 7 Sewage sludge drying
St. Peter, GER 1 Municipal heating network
Grafenau, GER 1 Petrol station and municipal heating network
Schnellingen, GER 1 Municipal heating network
Deining, GER 1 Kindergarden and shopping center
Wunsiedel, GER 2 Municipal heating network
Ursensollen, GER 1 Furniture factory
Eschenfelden, GER 1 Municipal heating network
Garrel, GER 7 Poultry farm
Lupburg, GER 1 Municipal heating network
Horb, GER 2 Municipal heating network
Plößberg, GER 4 Sawmill
Achental, GER 2 Municipal heating network
Ruppertshofen, GER 1 Sawmill
Bruck, GER 1 Nursery
Winden im Elztal, GER 1 Hotel

References Italy

Location Facility Heat use
Rom, IT 2 Cinema
Sterzing, IT 5 Municipal heating network
Meran, IT 2 Home improvement retailer
Tesero, IT 1 Production of PE-fittings
Monfalcone, IT 5 Wood drying chamber
Predazzo, IT 1 Municipal heating network

References Japan

Location Facilities Heat use
Ueno Village, JPN 1 Heating/cooling of a mushroom farm
Shibukinoyu, JPN 1 Heating of a thermal bath
Kushima City, JPN 10 Pellet production
Oyama Town, JPN 1 Heating of greenhouses
Shimokawa 11 Pellet production

References Great Britain

Location Facilities Heat use
Longtown, GB 1 Poultry farm and pellet production
Pontefract, GB 1 Poultry farm
Shropshire, GB 1 Poultry farm
Lincolnshire, GB 1 Poultry farm
Leamington Spa, GB 1 Poultry farm

References other countries

Location Facilities Heat use
Kozje, SLO 3 Wood drying chamber
Strassen, LUX 1 Municipal heating network
Radlje ob Dravi, SLO 3 Wood drying chamber
Rheinfelden, CH 1 Municipal heating network
Ruse, SLO 6 Wood drying chamber
Bad Bleiberg, AT 2 Municipal heating network
St. Michael, AT 3 Municipal heating network
Bettembourg, LUX 2 Municipal heating network
Muotathal, CH 1 Municipal heating network
Hainsdorf, AT 1 piglet breeding

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