Heat for Piglet Weaning

Agricultural business chooses wood gasifier from Burkhardt

In April 2019, the first Burkhardt V4.50 wood gasifier with smartblock 50T cogeneration unit went into operation in Austria or, more precisely, in Hainsdorf in the Schwarzautal. The owner-operator of the new wood gas plant is Greenpork GmbH, a young company that specialises in consultancy services for farmers and meat processors.

At its site in Hainsdorf, there is already a 400-kW biomass boiler to provide heating throughout the year (24 hours a day) for the piglet weaning. At the end of 2018, it was decided to add a combined heat and power system from Burkhardt to the existing biomass installation, which could then be shut down in periods of low load. Thus, in the future, the 110 kW heat output from the wood gasifier and cogeneration unit can be used for the heat-intensive piglet weaning. The 50 kW of electrical output from the cogeneration goes to the grid for a feed-in tariff.

Concept: wood gasification with Burkhardt biomass power plant

To minimise building work, existing space was used: About 52 m² of the existing wood chip bunker area were partitioned off to accommodate the wood gasifier, cogeneration unit and ventilation system. The whole planning for integration in the existing buildings was taken over by Burkhardt. A new 55 m³-Silo for the annual consumption of around 350 tonnes of wood pellets was erected outdoors. The fuel is fed to the weighing unit of the wood gasifier by a flexible screw conveyor that is easy on the material.

Speedy commissioning

The wood gasifier and cogeneration unit are each pre-assembled and wired in the factory. The installation of the two modules, the ventilation and fuel feed systems and the final wiring on site take only 1 or 2 weeks, depending on conditions. After the five days for commissioning and training of the operating personnel, the installation in Hainsdorf was ready to go. The work required to operate the wood gas installation is also manageable: on average, the time required for daily checking of the wood gasifier and cogeneration unit is about 60 minutes; every 4 to 6 weeks, the wood gasifier must be cleaned, which takes about 4 hours. 

The biomass power plant is compact, occupying about 52 m².The wood gasifier and cogeneration unit are housed in a part of the existing wood chip bunker.The wood pellets for the gasification are stored in a 55-m³ outdoor silo.

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