Heat concept with wood gas generator

Sustainable production in the sawmill Zipfel

Long tradition

New energy centre with Burkhardt wood gasifierWood has been processed at the Zipfel sawmill in the climatic spa town of Eisenbach in the Upper Black Forest since 1842. Andreas Zipfel has been running the family business since 1995. The products and the scope of supply range from wood drying to all types of sawn timber, solid structural timber, environmentally friendly impregnation and planed goods. Through permanent modernisation and expansion of the machinery, the sawmill always wants to respond individually and flexibly to customer requirements. Currently, there is only one drying chamber, as the suitable heat concept for a further, actually necessary wood drying was missing until now - with the existing boiler one already reaches the limits.

Concept biomass power plant with Burkhardt wood gas generator

Zipfel was convinced by the Burkhardt company to rely on the wood gasifier concept. At that time, the planning of which drying chamber to use had already been completed. With a pellet wood gasifier type V3.90 as well as a CHP ECO 180 HG the necessary heat for the wood drying will be produced in the future. In addition to the thermal output of 270 kW, 180 kW will also be produced electrically for the grid feed-in. A new energy centre with adjoining pellet bunker and bucket elevator was built especially for the two plant modules. The building was designed in such a way that a second wood gasifier can be installed in the course of future extensions. The CHP is housed in a separate Burkhardt concrete space cell next door. To compensate for fluctuations in demand, a 50 m³ buffer storage tank was also installed outside.

Energy-rich wood gas (syngas)

Burkhardt wood gasification is assigned to autothermal gasification and therefore does not require an external heat source for the process. During gasification, about 110 kg of pellets per hour are converted into a combustible gas, which is then burned in the engine. The advantage of the Burkhardt process lies in the uniform gas formation and the purity of the gas. Substances containing tar are almost completely decomposed due to the homogeneous reaction conditions and long residence time at high temperatures. Running times of over 7500 h/a under full load can thus be guaranteed.

New energy center with Burkhardt wood gas generator and CHPExterior view of the sawmill ZipfelDrying chamber in the sawmill Zipfel


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