Hotel with a sense for cosy (local) warmth

Guesthouse „Zur Blume“

Local heat with sustainable energy from the Burkhardt biomass power plant

The population of Haslach im Kinzigtal (Black Forest) uses wood pellets as source of regenerative energy. Bioenergie Schnellingen has been using a Burkhardt wood gasifier with combined heat and power plant and a natural gas CHP to cover for the base load since 2014. In total, 400 kW of electrical power is fed into the public grid. The generated thermal energy is supplied to a variety of consumers through a local heat network, for example the companies Fensterbau Gegg, Lackier- und Beschichtungstechnik Mabatec, a garden centre, several single-family houses and blocks of flats, and the hotel "Zur Blume", which also has a spa.

Hotel relies on decentralized power from wood

The hotel has a long-standing tradition and invites its guests to feel at home. Located in the picturesque Black Forest, the guest house is managed by Andreas and Ingrid Moser, the fourth generation of the family to do so. It has 34 rooms, a spa with a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna, a gym, several dining areas and rooms for events. Clearly rooted in the region, the hotel management has a heightened sense for sustainability and protecting the environment. That's why, in 2014, it decided to connect to the 1.8 km-long local heat network provided by Bioenergie Schnellingen. The old gas heater had served its purpose and could be dismantled. It was replaced by not more than an interconnecting station. Not only was this a lower investment, but the measure also spared the hotel from the higher maintenance costs of a heating installation of its own. The guest house "Zur Blume" does not need its own buffer storage unit either. The buffer storage unit of Bioenergie Schnellingen holds 120,000 l and compensates any temperature fluctuations for the consumers.

New building with exterior pool

Today, the hotel consumes 200,000 kWh of heat per year. But starting 2017, it expects to need additional 250,000 kWh – or 450,000 kWh in total. Why? Because it has great projects in store as the hotel is currently being remodelled. From 2017 on, the plant will have to supply local heat to a new guest house with 38 rooms, a swimming pool for year-round use and a spa. Thanks to its power generation units by Burkhardt, Bioenergie Schnellingen can rise to the challenge of supplying enough energy to cover this demand.

Burkhardt wood gas generator of the Bioenergie Schnellingen Burkhardt wood gasifier tends also the inn Extension: new guest-house, spa and pool


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