We heat the airport with wood gas

The major project in Ladbergen

Biomass power plants by Burkhardt – projekt „Airport“

To supply an entire airport with heat via wood pellets initially sounds like a utopian project. But together with Münsterland Energy GmbH, we ventured into the major project „Münster-Osnabrück Airport” project. The initially installed vegetable oil combined heat and power plants were upgraded in 2011 with wood gasifier CHP modules. The increased energy demand of the airport including the adjacent industrial area made it necessary to realize several Burkhardt wood gas CHP plants in series. In the meantime, this has resulted in 28 modules in operation which, together with the four other plants currently under construction, will in future provide a total of 8.6 MW thermal and 5.8 MW electric.

Pellets as input – heat and power as output

The wood gasifiers in the inner courtyard of the plant are supplied with wood pellets via the silos installed directly above and via an intelligent conveyor system. These in turn are delivered daily by road trains on the one hand and via the waterway of the Dortmund-Ems Canal next door on the other. With the wood gas produced by our wood gasifiers, the CHPs can now produce electricity and heat. The latter is routed via a 5.5-kilometre-long heating network to a nearby industrial estate and Münster-Osnabrück airport.

„Energy design“ – clean technology & optics

The former, unclean side effects of wood gasification are a thing of the past with the Burkhardt plants. Thanks to our ingenious process, the residues remain manageable and cannot damage the combustion engine, as is the case with other systems. This "clean process" is underlined by the attractive and modern design, which can be easily and elegantly integrated into the environment.

The silos provide the feedstock in the form of pellets.32 Burkhardt wood gasifiers V3.90 convert wood pellets into wood gas in their individual machine rooms almost around the clock.The district heating pipeline runs underground from the energy centre directly to the customers.


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