Self-Sufficient Power Unit

Elztalhotel uses green energy from biomass

Wellness in the black forest

The Elztalhotel, with its romantic panoramic view from the Rüttlersberg, lies above the village of Winden in the southern Black Forest. The 4-star superior spa hotel is run by the Tischer family and dates back to the 1970s. A lot has happened since then: thanks to constant extension and conversion over the years, guests can enjoy a modern hotel complex with luxurious comfort. In June 2015, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for comprehensive further construction, including work on the restaurant, the renovation and extension of the hotel kitchen, construction of new staff rooms, as well as a multi-storey car park for employees and the construction of a new technical depot with a central energy supply, workshops and garages.

Putting an emphasis on sustainability

The Elztalhotel reached a further milestone in its conversions in mid- 2016: the new wood-chip heating system replaced two of the three existing oil-fired boilers (590 and 280 kW), meaning that in future it will be possible to heat most of the hotel, as well as the swimming pools, using regionally produced wood chips. By opting for a V4.50 wood gasifier to produce their own electricity, the Tischer family took a further step towards improving environmental protection and sustainability. At the same time, it is also possible to take the third existing oil-fired boiler out of operation, meaning that the power supply to the entire hotel complex will be CO2-neutral from now on. Burkhardt’s newly developed V4.50 is the first system of its kind in Germany – the first wood gasifiers of this type were successfully commissioned in the United Kingdom in 2016.

Power from pellets for the wood gas generator

The V4.50 wood gasifier is the “little brother” of the tried and tested V3.90, with the same set-up, in which fuel and air are fed to the gas reactor from below, with stationary fluidized bed gasification. The 50 kW module was built in cooperation with the experienced CHP manufacturer KW Energie from Freystadt and consists of the V4.50 wood gasifier and a smartblock 50T CHP. Consuming approximately 40 kg/h of pellets, the system generates about 50 kW of electricity and about 110 kW of heat at an overall efficiency of 80%. The two system modules require only approx. 50 m² of space and need very little maintenance: the daily inspection and various visual checks take less than an hour a day. Every four to six weeks the gas reactor is evacuated, which takes about four hours.

6000 m² wellness area are supplied with electricity and heat from wood pelletsThe energy center generates power and heat from wood pelletsPower pack: 50 kW of electricity and 110 kW of heat for the hotel


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