Wood as product and energy source

Efficient power generation with wood pellets in the wood industry at Iskralegno in Monfalcone

Focused on wood

As one of the largest companies in the wood industry, the Florian Group processes approx. 300,000 m³ of wood per year, which is supplied to over 2,500 customers in 30 countries. These include Italy and other European markets, as well as Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and many more. All this is made possible by 800 employees in 16 companies of the Florian Group worldwide. One of these is Iskralegno in Monfalcone, which has also concentrated entirely on wood in terms of energy.

Wood as a source of energy

In addition to a 3 MW biomass boiler, five Burkhardt wood gas CHP plants have been in operation at Iskralegno since July 2015 and also ensure a constant heat and electricity output. All in all, the units from Germany have an output of 1.35 MW thermal and 0.9 MW electric. This is also necessary, because the 21 drying chambers operated there want to be supplied with plenty of heat! Furthermore, the offices and production halls are heated in winter. The electricity generated is fed into the public grid and remunerated. By the way, the CHP plants are operated with standardised wood pellets from which wood gas is obtained in a sophisticated process.

Combined heat and power generation with wood pellets

A technical trick by the Burkhardt experts helped the system to its success: the process was turned upside down: The wood pellets are fed into the reactor from below. Via an air stream also generated from below, an ascending gasification takes place, forming a stationary fluidized bed. A bed material is not necessary because the fuel stabilizes itself. With the patented process, an optimized and uniform gasification as well as subsequent processes with an almost complete conversion to usable wood gas are achieved. The purified and cooled weak gas is then converted into heat and electricity in the block-type thermal power station - expressed in figures: 180 kW electricity and 270 kW heat at a consumption of approx. 110 kg wood pellets per hour.

Reliability convinces

With Burkhardt's CHP plants, Iskralegno has found a way to produce environmentally friendly energy with a familiar fuel. Both the pellets and the plants convince with easy handling and high efficiency. "The high reliability is reflected also with the service achievements so the plant operators. In Bozen Burkhardt has its own service address. Trained personnel and short ways with the parts procurement guarantee immediate assistance, should here once need exist. With a previous availability of approx. 90 % across all systems, Monfalcone is looking to the future with a relaxed attitude

Efficient power generation with wood pellets in the wood industry in isklalegno.Burkhardt combined heat and power (CHP) plant at Iskralegno

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