First Burkhardt wood gasifier in operation in Croatia

Power and heat generation for pellet production

Burkhardt's first plant in Croatia was installed in Slunj, around 30 kilometres from Plitvice Lakes National Park. The plant belongs to Građevinski obrt Špelić, a large construction company in Slunj that manages construction projects throughout Croatia. Since 2018, the company has been producing around 10,000 tonnes of ENplus A2 quality pellets annually at its own pellet plant in Slunj, which are sold under the "Š-Pellet" brand. These are currently mainly produced for foreign markets.

A Burkhardt wood gasifier V3.90S and a Burkhardt wood gas unit CHP ECO 220 with a total thermal output of 310 kW and a total electrical output of 190 kW are located in the newly built energy centre right next to the pellet plant. Electricity and heat are used for pelletising and the entire company premises. The surplus electricity is fed into the public grid. The plant was commissioned at the end of 2023.

The wood gasifier and CHP plant were subsidised by the Operational Programme Competitiveness and cohesion by European Union. Burkhardt's concept won the Europe-wide tender.

The burkhardt wood gasifier V3.90S was installed in de newly built energy building.

The burkhardt wood gas fired CHP supplies the pellet plant with 190 kW electricity.