Wood Gasification in Luxembourg

All-in-one: biomass power plant in a Burkhardt system building

Wanted: Cogeneration technology

Since mid-2015, LuxEnergie (a Burkhardt GmbH partner) has been using the first wood gasifier with CHP in Strassen, Luxembourg. In search of biomass cogeneration technology, they quickly came across the wood gasification plants of the German company Burkhardt. The generated heat was intended to supply a small local heat network and the electricity was to be fed into the grid. Apart from the ecological benefits, economic efficiency was the determining factor for the project. Under the Grand Ducal Regulation, which came into effect on 08 August 2014, energy from renewable sources is now being subsidised for 15 years. With this financial support, wood gasification as an energy generation method can now compete with heating oil or natural gas. Moreover, this method uses certified wood pellets, which have been produced in Luxembourg since 2013. This supports the local economy and reduces transport costs.

Gasification technology made in Germany

In late 2014, the decision was made in favour of a Burkhardt wood gasifier V3.90 with an ECO 165 CHP. The Otto engine has an electrical output of 165 kW and a thermal output of 190 kW. Together with the heat generated by the wood gasifier, 260 kWth can be fed into the heat distribution system. For this project, Burkhardt not only supplied the wood gasifier and CHP, but also the housing as well as the entire hardware, electrical and hydraulic installation.

Compact housing for the biomass power plant

The project in Strassen was the first time the specially designed Burkhardt system building was installed outside of Mühlhausen. What makes this system so unique is that the wood gasifier V3.90 and the ECO 165 HG CHP, together with the sound insulation cabin and the pellet bunker, are all under one roof, are efficient and have minimum space requirements. The ash and chip containers are outside. The mono-pitch roof hall, measuring 19.0 x 6.4 x 6.3 m with a bunker height of 7.5 m, is a steel structure with sandwich panels, which can be set up quickly thanks to its standardized design. The fuel is stored in a rectangular bunker with slanted floor that is filled with a bucket elevator and is integrated into the system building. The advantages are obvious: Burkhardt takes care of all aspects of building planning and construction; the customer only has to provide a finished foundation with a concrete base.

The integrated fuel storage bunker is filled with a bucket elevatorBurkhardt system building with wood gasifier, combined heat and power plant and integrated pellet bunker The Burkhardt wood gasifier is unloaded with a crane


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