Third Burkhardt wood gas plant in Switzerland in operation

Efficient electricity and heat production thanks to Burkhardt wood gasifier

Two Burkhardt wood gasifiers produce wood gas for the combined heat and power plant.

At the beginning of December 2023, we were able to commission the third Burkhardt wood gas plant in Switzerland at our customer, oeko energie AG, a subsidiary of Zgraggen Energie Holding AG.

Two Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifiers and an ECO 495 combined heat and power plant are part of the newly established Uri Energy Park in the Schattdorf industrial estate, an energy network operated by oeko energie and the long-established Uri-based company Dätwyler. Since the end of 2023, the wood gas plant has been feeding 390 kW of electricity into the ZEV (association for own consumption), which oeko energie AG operates together with Dätwyler. As part of the ZEV, the self-generated electricity can be used across the company. The aim is to increase the two companies' own power supply in times of fluctuating energy prices and power shortages and to ensure the operation of three electric lorries belonging to Zgraggen Transport AG. In addition, a large PV system covering around 9500 m² was installed.

The heat produced from the wood gasifier and CHP plant is fed into the existing district heating network of the Uri heating plant. This supplies the surrounding industrial areas with process and space heating, as well as private property owners.

In the future, oeko energie AG is planning its own pellet production facility, from which both private customers and companies can obtain pellets. The raw material for this will come exclusively from Swiss forests. The pellets will be stored in the new 2,000 tonne silo, which will also supply the wood gasifiers with fuel.