FAQ Plant Portal

Frequently asked questions concerning our plant portal

I can't see the login page

  • Check the internet address
  • Empty your browser cache

Login and password are correct, but I still can't log on

  • Empty your browser cache

Where do I get my user name?

I've forgotten my login data

Which URL do I have to type?

I'm having trouble using the portal. Who can I turn to for help?

I can't see the details pages in the portal, I only see a blank screen.

  • Use the Google Chrome™ browser
  • Empty your browser Cache

Where can I download the right browser for my smartphone?

  • iPhone: use the app store to install Google Chrome™
  • Android: use the Google Play store to install Google Chrome™

How do I display the login page on the start screen of my smartphone?

  • Use the options made available by the operating system of your smartphone.

I have other questions

Can I save my login data to my PC/smartphone?

  • Yes, the login data is saved by Google Chrome™

I can log in, but only see blank pages

Below, you will find problems other users had and their solutions. Perhaps you can find a similar case that could help you solve your problem:

  • The Burkhardt portal is completely based on JavaScript (no ActiveX, etc.) Does your PC allow the use of JavaScript?
    SOLUTION: if you get a confirmation prompt asking whether to allow the use of JavaScript, click "Yes". Alternatively, change your browser configuration to allow JavaScript.
  • Is any internet security software (personal firewalls, e.g. Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, zone alarm or similar) running on your PC?
    SOLUTION: Temporarily deactivate this software and try to log in again. If you can log in, configure the security software correspondingly and reactivate it.
  • Did your computer run any system updates recently?
    SOLUTION: When your computer runs system updates (e.g. automatic Windows updates), some of the settings might be changed, for example the security settings (MS Windows firewall, etc.). You might have to deactivate this software component.
    Check the upper or lower edge of your browser for any notifications asking you to allow an add-on to use JavaScript.
  • Did your system recently update the internet browser to a newer version?
    SOLUTION: If your browser was updated, it might be necessary to manually delete the cache (storage) of temporary internet files to make the browser download all the information from the website again "from scratch".
  • Is my data recorded?
    The use of the portal and the plant is recorded. The recorded information is saved in the portal and the plant. In particular, the system logs any changes you make to values.