Projects of belt dryer
Projects of belt dryer
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Sludge as a raw material
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We recycle your sludge
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With its compact design, the BURKHARDT DRYLINE® belt dryer is a byword for top performance, in terms of useability, efficiency, ease of maintenance and all-round service. Our tried-and-tested, practice-oriented process is a winner, creating four drying levels on just two drying belts to double the possible drying area. The BURKHARDT dosing head® streamlines sludge feeding – a plus in quality and safety. Our fully automated system control lets the system be operated without constant supervision whilst maintaining maximum drying output and is configured to suit your process. Users also benefit from the BURKHARDT FULL SERVICE, which offers the sludge drying system as a comprehensive turnkey package if requested.

BURKHARDT sludge drying process diagram:

BURKHARDT sludge drying belt dryer process diagram


2 belts + 4 levels = a clever solution to sludge drying!

Dewatered sludge passes the BURKHARDT DRYLINE®’s two drying belts, consisting of perforated powder-coated steel plates, successively. During this phase, hot air continuously flows through the sludge. In doing so, it passes slowly rotating and self-cleaning bar rollers. A stepped air recirculation system removes the water in the individual drying zones resulting in a uniform end product with similar sized grains.

The advantage is in the detail: The BURKHARDT DRYLINE®, although a two-belt dryer, has four drying levels, all thanks to its special belt construction. At the end of the first belt, the sludge is dropped onto the returning part of the belt on the level below. The same thing happens on belt two, with it, also being used twice. In this way, the space available inside the belt dryer is efficiently used to its maximum. The result is storable, sanitised biosolids ≥ 90% DR with excellent fuel properties.

The drying belt’s perforated plates ensure adequate ventilation and an efficient drying process.Efficient and optimised air flow is one of the main reasons behind the BURKHARDT DRYLINE®’s high effectiveness.Innovative, low-maintenance sludge dispensing head for even sludge distribution.

BURKHARDT Dosing Head® – innovative sludge feeding

Another innovation from BURKHARDT rounds off the drying process: a dosing head optimised for ease of maintenance that evenly distributes sludge directly onto the top belt of the belt dryer. This ensures efficient drying.

Exhaust air treatment – one step ahead

The DRYLINE®’s air recirculation system is designed for maximum use of air and moisture saturation. Using the air multiple times means you make the most of the energy thus saving energy. But the really great thing about the intelligent air recirculation system is that it reduces exhaust air. The exhaust air treatment downstream of the dryer ensures that limits required by law are complied with and can be adapted to individual needs. The innovative advance of a state-of-the-art, tailor-made exhaust air volumetric flow is good for both users and the environment.

System control 4.0

The system control developed by BURKHARDT controls the entire process line, from transporting wet sludge, to discharging the granulated end product, through air flow with exhaust air treatment, to heat generation and distribution. This establishes state-of-the-art process monitoring. Individual parameters can be set thanks to in-house programming. The BURKHARDT DRYLINE® digitises your production processes to perfection: all parameters, such as output, dry residue content, moisture, pressure and temperature, are recorded and visualised in a network-compatible process control system. Notification functions and visualisations on mobile devices make the system easier to operate. The drying system runs fully automated for 24 hours, with no on-site monitoring necessary. The BURKHARDT plant portal makes it possible to access system parameters anytime, anywhere.

We bring it full circle

BURKHARDT considers itself a practicioner among suppliers of sludge dryers. As a manufacturer and experienced operator, we only offer our customers technologies that have been tried and tested in the field. In addition to energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and user-friendliness are always key to system planning. Thanks to our DRYLINE®, sludge waste product is converted into sustainable, optimised fuel. With the BURKHARDT FULL SERVICE, all services relating to sludge drying are available both individually and as a comprehensive package.

Technical data

  • Two belt dryer with four sludge layers
  • Belt dryer length: 6 m to 36 m of effective drying length
  • Water evaporation capacity: up to 3,250 kg/h
  • Operation: 24/7 or > 8,000 h/a
  • Throughput capacity: up to 5,000 kg/h
  • Thermal energy requirement for drying: 0.85 - 0.95 kWth/kg water evaporation
  • Electrical energy requirement for drying: 0.010 - 0.100 kWel/kg water evaporation
  • Dry residue input/output (DR): 18 - 35% DR / 90% DR – the sludge can be checked in the test plant if values are outside the dry residue input range

Advantages at a glance:

  • Efficient use thanks to compact design - two belts, four layers
  • Process optimised by automatic matrice cleaning
  • Quick-change unit saves time when changing matrices
  • Less pressure lost in the sludge line with minimum bend radius of ± 30°
  • Additional pressure minimization in the sludge line due to short swivel arm hose
  • Creates a porous, granulated product with a defined diameter and high bulk density
  • Plus in terms of hygienisation due to even drying of the end product
  • Low-dust end product
  • Fully automatic as a result of digital system controls
  • Digital process monitoring incl. tailor-made exhaust air treatment
  • FULL SERVICE – services available individually and as a comprehensive package
  • BURKHARDT as operator and manufacturer – technology tried and tested in the field

The volume of sludge is reduced after drying in the BURKHARDT belt dryerDrying sludge makes it hygienically safe and reduces its odourDrying sludge raises its heating value to nearly that of lignite

Your contact for sludge drying:

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