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10 years of wood gasification at the J. Lercher garden centre

10 years of wood gasification at the J. Lercher garden centre

Since 2004 we researched ways to convert wood into electricity. We achieved that goal in 2010 with the Burkhardt wood gasifier V3.90. The wood gasifier is by now being produced in series and hundreds of times in use wordwide. 37 of our customers operate their plants more than 10 years.

One of these customers is the J. Lercher garden centre in the southern German town of Bruck. As early as 2007, the garden centre decided to purchase two vegetable oil-fired CHP units from the Burkhardt product range. In 2011, rising fuel prices led to the decision to switch to wood gas. Since this time, a V3.90 wood gasifier and an existing CHP unit converted to wood gas have been supplying the garden centre with heat. The electricity generated is fed into the grid. 

That was 10 years ago. Now, after more than 82,500 operating hours with wood gas, around 15,000 MWh of electricity and around 16,700 MWh of heat have been generated. With year-round availability of 96.7%, the system has proved to be extremely reliable.

Congratulations on 10 years of wood gasifier operation. We now look forward to celebrating 100,000 operating hours!

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  • Exterior view of the garden centre J. Lercher

  • Greenhouse of the garden centre J. Lercher

  • Inside the greenhouse