Combined Heat and Power Plants

Another wood gasifier installed in Luxembourg

Another wood gasifier installed in Luxembourg

On the campus "Am Sand" of the municipality of Niederanven in Luxembourg, we had the pleasure of commissioning a new CHP plant at the beginning of the year. Since then, a Burkhardt wood gasifier with a downstream CHP unit has been supplying heat to several school buildings, a retirement home and a nearby leisure center, among others.

Until then, a CHP unit, the operation of which was no longer economical due to the expired contract for the feed-in tariff, ensured the heat supply. The result of a feasibility study provided for a biomass energy center with Burkhardt pellet gasifier for base load supply, as well as a pellet boiler for medium load coverage. The wood gasifier and CHP are housed in a new energy center that is visually adapted to the surroundings.

The project in Niederanven is the fourth that we were allowed to implement with our partner LuxEnergie.  In addition, two wood gasifiers have been installed in Bettembourg, a wood gasifier in Strassen, and a wood gasifier in Remich. Another project was installed almost simultaneously with the plant in Niederanven and is about to be commissioned. 

  • The Burkhardt wood gasifier and the CHP are housed in a new energy center.