Combined Heat and Power Plants

Burkhardt combined heat and power in Japan

Eleven further wood gasifiers and cogeneration units have started operation in Japan.

Burkhardt combined heat and power in Japan

In collaboration with Burkhardt partner Sanyo Trading, we were able to complete another major project in Japan this year: Eleven V3.90 wood gasifiers and eleven ECO 165 HG cogeneration units have been in operation in Shimokawa since 11 May 2019 feeding electricity into the grid. The project on the island of Hokkaidō is the eighth location with Burkhardt plants in Japan. The heat generated from wood pellets will be used to supply the new pellet plant, which was redesigned for the wood gas generators, and is the first pellet plant in Japan to be systematically constructed in a European style. Both partners expect the large-scale project in Shimokawa to send a clear signal to the whole of Japan.

Burkhardt on the Japanese market

Together with partner Sanyo Trading, Burkhardt GmbH successfully executes projects throughout Japan. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2014, 32 wood gasifiers with cogeneration plants have been put into operation. The focus in the Japanese market – and increasingly in Japanese energy policy – is on biomass as a renewable energy source. We are therefore confident that together with Sanyo Trading we will be able to install many more future-oriented plants for combined heat and power generation. 

  • View of the new wood gas generator with Burkhardt CHP plants

  • Each cogeneration unit is housed in its own cell on the right; on the left opposite is the corresponding wood gasifier

  • View from above with the flares of the wood gasifiers in the foreground