Combined Heat and Power Plants

Burkhardt takes over largest plant site in Ladbergen as the main shareholder

Burkhardt takes over largest plant site in Ladbergen as the main shareholder

Since the beginning of 2024, Burkhardt’s largest plant network in Ladbergen has been part of the newly founded MEP Münsterland Energy Production GmbH, whose main shareholder is Burkhardt GmbH. Electricity and heat have been produced from 32 wood gasifiers and the associated wood gas CHP units at the Ladbergen site in Westphalia since 2010. The existing heat grid and heating sales are being handled by the newly established MEC Münsterland Energy Contracting GmbH.

Reliable plant operation for over 10 years

In 2010, ten Burkhardt vegetable oil CHP units were installed in Ladbergen. These were already converted to run on wood gas in 2011 and supplemented with wood gasifiers. As the site grew in the following years, the planned final expansion of 32 wood gasifiers and 32 CHP plants could be achieved in 2014. The Burkhardt service branch in Ladbergen, founded in 2013, provides the best possible support for the system network.

A total of 8.6 MW thermal and 6 MW electrical are installed in Ladbergen. Today, the wood gasifiers and combined heat and power plants primarily supply the neighbouring sewage sludge drying plant, Münster Osnabrück Airport and other companies in the Ladbergen industrial park with heating and/or cooling. The electricity generated is fed into the public grid.

Looking to the future

Further expansion of the existing local heating network is planned for the future. By participating in the EEG biomass tender for a connection tariff, the company also sees itself well equipped for the future.

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