Combined Heat and Power Plants

ECO 495 wood gas CHP unit leaves factory

ECO 495 wood gas CHP unit leaves factory

A new ECO 495 wood gas CHP unit has left the Burkhardt factory en route to the customer, making it the third CHP unit of its type to be delivered. Two CHP units in this output range are already in successful operation in southern Germany and Austria.

The ECO 495 CHP unit can be combined with two V3.90 or two V3.90S wood gasifiers and has an output of 390 kWel / 580 kWth. Unlike the previous Burkhardt ECO HG CHP units, the ECO 495 uses a V12 gas engine.

In common, though, with all other Burkhardt CHP units, it is adapted for operation with wood gas. Many CHP components and add-on parts are first assembled in the factory and then further developed there. The team of developers at the Burkhardt R&D department is constantly working on optimising the engine components with the aim of creating a highly efficient and robust CHP unit.

The combination of two V3.90S wood gasifiers with an ECO 495 CHP unit in figures:

  • Average electrical output: 390 kW
  • Average thermal output: 580 kW
  • Wood gasifier pellet consumption: 2 x 122 kg/h
  • Overall electrical efficiency: 32%
  • ECO 495 CHP unit in the Burkhardt factory hall shortly before shipping

  • CHP ECO 495 in combination with two wood gasifiers V3.90S