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First Burkhardt container system unit delivered

Mobile energy generation unit sets out on its travels

First Burkhardt container system unit delivered

On 10 May 2019, the first container unit with a V4.50 wood gasifier and CHP smartblock 50T left the Burkhardt plant in Mühlhausen en route to the province of Ancona in central Italy.

The V4.50 wood gasifier, CHP smartblock 50T and peripherals are completely installed, wired and hydraulically piped in the container. Only the assembly hood, flue, flare and fuel supply have to be set up on site. The plant therefore is ready for operation within a short period of time.

The dimensions of the container unit are as follows: 8.50m x 3.00m x 3.40m (LxWxH)

Here you will find further pictures of our container solution.

  • Container system for wood gasifier V4.50 and CHP smartblock 50T

  • The container is loaded onto the truck for transport