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From expensive sludge disposal to a valuable raw material

From expensive sludge disposal to a valuable raw material

In autumn 2024, we will supply and install another Burkhardt DRYLINE 2.30 sludge drying plant in Austria for the Wastewater Association (AWV) Hall in Tirol – Fritzens.

Energy generation and nutrient recovery

The province of Tyrol’s medium-term goal is to utilise the sludge produced to generate energy and recover nutrients. One reason for this is the price of sludge disposal, which has risen steadily over the last few years. A further motivation for this sludge strategy is the obligation to thermally utilise sludge and recover phosphorus, which is expected from 2030 onwards due to a change in the legal situation.

As one of the largest wastewater treatment plant operators in the country, AWV Hall in Tirol – Fritzens is tackling its practical implementation with the Burkhardt Dryline 2.30.

Burkhardt as a 360° service provider

The new sludge drying plant is located in an existing building on the premises of the sewage treatment plant in Hall in Tirol. In addition to a belt dryer, Burkhardt’s delivery scope also includes sludge feeding via a screw conveyor, dry material removal, exhaust air purification and control/regulation. Thanks to the wide range of services we offer, we’re also able to carry out the mechanical and electrical installation ourselves.

The heat required by the DRYLINE 2.30 belt dryer is provided by the customer’s own CHP unit, which is fuelled by digester gas from the sewage treatment plant. A special feature of the project is the direct feeding of the dewatered sludge from the centrifuge onto the dryer’s feeding screw. This eliminates the need for intermediate storage of the sludge.

Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for January 2025.

  • Starting in autumn 2024, a new Burkhardt sludge drying plant will be built in Hall in Tyrol.