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Fürstenfeld: With 12 Burkhardt wood gasifiers into energy independence

Fürstenfeld: With 12 Burkhardt wood gasifiers into energy independence

The largest wood gasification plant in Austria is currently being built at Fürstenfelder Energieweg. Planned are 12 Burkhardt pellet wood gasifiers of the type V3.90S with 12 downstream combined heat and power units. The entire plant will produce 2,000 kW of electricity for the public grid and 3,000 kW of heat for the existing, rapidly growing district heating network. The declared goal of Stadtwerke Fürstenfeld GmbH and the Fürstenfeld municipality is to expand "green" district heating to 100 percent. 

According to plan, half of the wood gasifiers will go into operation this fall. The rest will be switched on from the beginning of 2024.

On the way to the best possible energy independence, the city of Fürstenfeld is also relying on photovoltaics. The 1,400 kWp ground-mounted PV system on the energy path has already been in operation since the beginning of 2023. Another large-scale plant around the airfield is to supply an additional 12,500 kWp of electricity by the end of 2024.

  • Imperial weather at the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony: Member of the state parliament Mag. Lukas Schnitzer, DDI Dr. Franz Friedl – Managing Director Stadtwerke Fürstenfeld GmbH, Mayor Franz Jost - Municipality Fürstenfeld and Claus Burkhardt, Burkhardt GmbH (v.l.).