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High-ranking visitor from Japan

High-ranking visitor from Japan

Burkhardt partner Sanyo Trading visits Muehlhausen

At the end of November, we welcomed representatives from our partner Sanyo Trading: Mr Mitsuyasu Hirasawa, member of the Management Board, Mr Kenichiro Mohara, Senior General Manager Green Technology, and Mr Deckert from Sales were our guests in Muehlhausen. The visit was not only an expression of mutual appreciation for the long-standing partnership, but also an opportunity to discuss the next major projects planned in the megawatt range. Our partner was also able to see the quality of wood gasifier and CHP production for himself during a tour of our plant in Muehlhausen.

Burkhardt in Japan

We have a 10-year partnership with Sanyo Trading, which began in 2013. In the search for a biomass-based combined heat and power system, the company quickly came across Burkhardt. After several visits to various Burkhardt sites in Germany, Sanyo Trading was convinced of the quality of Burkhardt wood gasifiers. The first Japanese wood gas CHP plant was installed in Ueno Village, 170 kilometres north-west of Tokyo, at the beginning of 2015. Both heat and electricity are used there in the neighbouring "Shiitake" mushroom production facility.

Another milestone in the partnership is the installation of the largest network of Burkhardt wood gasifiers in 2019. Eleven wood gasifiers and the associated CHP units have been producing around 2.9 MW of heat and 1.8 MW of electricity in Shimokawa since May 2019. The electricity generated is fed into the public power grid, while the heat produced is used for belt dryers and heating buildings at the newly constructed pellet plant.

Three wood gasifiers are currently being manufactured for a new site, which is located directly next to an existing plant from 2018. The heating circuit of both sites is to be combined at the end. Delivery to Japan is planned for the beginning of next year.

Since the start of the collaboration, 40 wood gasifiers totalling around 6.5 MWel have been installed to date.

About Sanyo Trading:

Headquartered in Tokyo, Sanyo Trading has 250 (including subsidiaries 700) employees worldwide and is successfully active in the areas of "Fine Chemicals", "Mobility", "Green Technology" and "Life Science". In addition to our wood gasifiers, the "Green Technology" division also includes pellet mills, chippers and belt dryers.

  • The first Burkhardt wood gasifier in Japan, built in 2015, supplies a shiitake farm with electricity and heat.

  • Eleven Burkhardt wood gasifiers have been supplying the pellet plant in Shimokawa, which was built at the same time, since 2018.

  • The official opening ceremony for the major Shimokawa project took place in 2019 with all project participants.

  • The chronicle of Sanyo Trading's 75th anniversary shows the milestones of the partnership with Burkhardt.

  • Since the start of the collaboration, 40 wood gasifiers totalling around 6.5 MWel have been installed in Japan