Combined Heat and Power Plants

More biomass power plants in operation in Austria

More biomass power plants in operation in Austria

On 19/02/2019, further Burkhardt wood gasification plants went into operation. In the Murau-Stolzalpe district heating works operated by Stadtwerke Murau (Murau Municipal Utilities), three V 3.90 wood gasifiers were installed, together with three ECO 165 HG cogeneration units.

The Murau-Stolzalpe local heat distribution network, built in 2011, supplies not only the Stolzalpe provincial hospital but also the Murau Brewery and other consumers. In total, 10 MW of heat are carried by about 11 km of pipeline.

In the future, the three wood gasifiers will provide an additional 780 kW of heat to the existing distribution network. Furthermore, 495 kW of "green" electricity can be fed into the grid.

It was in 2016 that we expanded our operations on the Austrian market. Since then, new plants have already gone into operation.