New V3.90S wood gasifier

Next generation of Burkhardt wood gas CHP units

New V3.90S wood gasifier

With the development of the Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifier we have taken the next step towards higher levels of technical availability and customer service. The V3.90S wood gasifier is a further development of the well-known V3.90 and offers enhanced process control and unit design.

By making modifications to the overall process, we have been able to dispense with some components. For example, only one side-channel compressor is now used for air flow and gas transfer. By improving the control system in terms of full automation, there is now no need for a gas analysis unit: The system detects critical operating states at a very early stage so that the analysis values no longer play a role in the control system.

With the use of a water-cooled gas cooler instead of cooling with air, all ventilation components on the wood gasifier can be omitted – and with integration in the heating water circuit, the residual heat from the wood gas can be used for heating purposes.

An electric vibration motor on the gas reactor stimulates the fluidised bed and ensures better discharge of process-related deposits. This results in a significant increase in runtime before the gas reactor requires to be cleaned.

The wood gasifier has been rethought in terms of maintenance and user-friendliness. Thanks to the clever assembly of components on the platform, several space-saving installation variants are now possible for the customer. For example, the V3.90S wood gasifier can be placed with one long side against the wall, as the operating side can be selected based on onsite conditions.

The V3.90S has already been operating successfully for more than one and a half years at the factory and at the customer's site. With an average availability of 95.8%, the new generation of Burkhardt wood gasifiers prove their reliability.

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  • Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifier during construction

  • Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifier ready for transport to the customer

  • Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifier in operation