Combined Heat and Power Plants

Plant commissioning in Japan - a very different approach

Plant commissioning in Japan - a very different approach

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – which was certainly the case this year when we commissioned new plant in Japan. With the active and expert support of our partner Sanyo Trading, we were able to commission six additional V3.90 wood gasifiers with associated ECO165HG combined heat and power units on schedule. The new systems in Tobetsu on the island of Hokkaidō produce 1,560 kW of thermal energy and 990 kW of electrical energy.

Locally sourced pellets

The required pellets are delivered from the pellet plant in Shimokawa – also on the island of Hokkaidō. The pellet plant has a number of special features: it is the first completely European-style pellet plant in Japan, and it is able to draw heat from wood gasifiers we have previously built. The delivered pellets are poured into pellet silos for intermediate storage. From there, a separate spiral conveyor system transfers the required quantity of pellets to the wood gasifiers.

New type of commissioning

Due to pandemic-related restrictions, we were not able to carry out the commissioning on site this year for the first time. We therefore decided to perform the commissioning together with our partner using new technical and digital options. A member of Sanyo Trading staff was equipped with HUD glasses and a headset and was thus permanently linked up to our commissioning engineer in Germany. Our engineer was able to follow each individual operational step with the VR glasses and give specific work instructions to the local engineer. In addition, our engineer was able via remote access to control the plant directly.

The gasifiers were successfully commissioned and handed over to the end customer.

  • CHP in own room

  • Wood gasifier in seperate room with viewing window

  • Employee of Sanyo Trading with VR glasses and head set