Sludge Drying Project Aichaberg 1, Hohenburg

Sludge recycling in operation for 13 years

Refining sludge into a high-quality fuel

E&T Aichaberg GmbH & Co. Trocknungs KG has been operating a sludge drier for 13 years now on Aichaberg near Hohenburg in the Upper Palatinate. The sludge, which comes from 25 communities in northern Bavaria, is converted into high-quality fuel at the Aichaberg site. At first, roughly 10,000 t of sludge were dried in the system. After extensive retrofitting by BURKHARDT in 2018/19, plus the installation of a biomass boiler, the throughput was able to be increased to about 17,000 t of sludge per year.

The pre-drained sludge is delivered with about 25% dry residue and reaches the drier via a feed pump. The dispensing head, modified by BURKHARDT, allows the material to be evenly applied to the belt. The sludge passes four levels until it reaches a dry residue content of 90%. 

The heat required for the drying process is supplied by seven wood gasifiers with downstream combined heat and power plants from BURKHARDT as well as a biomass boiler from AGRO Forst- und Energietechnik.

Key technical data

  • In operation since 2008
  • Expansion: 2018/2019
  • Total sludge recycled: approx. 17.000 t/a
  • Thermal energy required for drying: 750 kW per t of sludge
  • Electrical energy required for drying: 22 kW per t of sludge
  • Energy sources: 7 Burkhardt wood gasifiers with CHPs and 1 biomass boiler
  • Dry residue (DR) input/output: 25% DR / 90% DR

BURKHARDT scope of supply and service

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