Sludge drying and recycling project UPhO, Michelstadt

BURKHARDT is providing an important building block for recovering the raw material phosphorus

In collaboration with Werkstätten Heating-Systems GmbH and Abwasserverband Mittlere Mümling (AVMM), a sludge drying and utilisation plant has been under construction for UPhO GmbH (Unternehmen für Phosphatrecycling im Odenwald GmbH) in Michelstadt, Hesse, since last year.

“UPhO”’s plan doesn’t envisage disposing of sewage sludge in the traditional manner, but rather its utilisation, which is becoming a legal obligation from 2029 onwards: The aim is to recycle the raw materials contained in municipal sewage sludge – in particular, phosphorus. Every undesirable component, such as microplastics, drug residues or perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals, will be thermally removed. The phosphate is broken down so that it is readily available to plants due to its thermochemical treatment. It can be used directly in agriculture as a valuable fertiliser, which is referred to as a recyclate.

In the future, a maximum of 50 tonnes of dewatered sewage sludge per day from the company’s own and surrounding sewage treatment plants will be dried in Michelstadt using the Burkhardt Dryline 8.30. The heat required for this is generated by three downstream sludge mono-combustion lines, each divided between a 500 kWth rotary tube boiler from Werkstätten heating-systems GmbH. In this case, the dried sewage sludge acts as a valuable fuel for the practically energy-self-sufficient heat supply during the drying process.

Burkhardt as a 360° service provider

In addition to the sewage sludge feed, drying using a DRYLINE 8.30 belt dryer and discharge of the dried sludge, Burkhardt GmbH’s scope of delivery also included complete exhaust air treatment. This consists of an acid scrubber in combination with a downstream biofilter. Thanks to the broad range of services offered by Burkhardt’s various business units, installation work for the heating, ventilation and plumbing trades could also be carried out in-house.

Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for July 2024.

Key technical data

  • Total sewage sludge utilisation (25% dry residue): approx. 17,000 t/a
  • Production of dried sewage sludge (90% dry residue): approx. 4,700 t/a

Burkhardt scope of supply and services

  • 3D plant planning
  • DRYLINE® sewage sludge belt drying incl. sewage sludge feed
  • Ventilation technology
  • Exhaust air purification
  • Pipework and heating technology
  • Electrical and mechanical installation
  • Control of the drying process

The BURKHARDT DRYLINE® 8.30, although a two-belt dryer, has four drying levels.The heat required for the sludge dryer in Michelstadt is generated by three downstream sludge mono-combustion lines.As a specialist in ventilation technology, we equip the sludge drier with an intelligent ventilation system.

Any questions about the BURKHARDT belt dryer? Get in touch with us!

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Claus Burkhardt

Josef Dürr

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