Combined Heat and Power Plants

"Repowering Biomassehof Achental with gasification retrofits"

The Biomassehof Achental is sited near Grassau in Bavaria, Germany. The company produces and sales regional bioenergy products, like woodchips, pellets and briquettes. In addition, Biomassehof Achental delivers woodchips to the local heat network, which is located on the company grounds of the Biomassehof.

2012 at the Biomassehof Achental in Grassau (Bavaria) a wood gasifier and a CHP (constructed from another company) were commissioned for the first time. The heat had to be feed into the existing district heating system of Grassau. After a few hundred of operating hours the whole plant had to be put out of operation and is unused since them. In the middle of 2015 the decision was taken to dispose of the old wood gasifier, convert the boiler house and build two new Burkhardt wood gasifier V3.90. This double unit should run with the existing CHP.

In 2019 Biomassehof Achental meanwhile installed the fourth Burkhardt wood gasifier.

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