Review of the year 2023

Review of the year 2023

In 2023, we can look back on another eventful year in the fields of Power engineering and Sludge drying. These are our highlights:

Burkhardt in Japan

Burkhardt has been active on the Japanese market for 10 years now. Together with our partner Sanyo Trading, we connected our first wood gas plant to the grid in Ueno Village at the beginning of 2015. Since the start of the collaboration, 40 wood gasifiers totalling around 6.5 MWel have been installed. Several major projects are planned for next year.

Market launch of wood chip wood gasifier V5.90S

We have been offering our newly developed V5.90S wood chip gasifier since this year. We have already successfully installed the first customer projects in the wood chip sector. We are also confident that we will be able to launch further wood chip-based gasifiers on the market in the coming months.

Large-scale wood gas project in Austria

In the middle of the year, we were commissioned to install the largest wood gas plant in Austria: in Fürstenfeld, twelve Burkhardt wood gasifiers with twelve downstream combined heat and power plants will generate 2,000 kW of electricity and 3,000 kW of heat. The first units have already gone into operation; the plant is scheduled to go into full operation in March 2024.

Sludge drying: UPho Michelstadt project

Since the spring of this year, we have been commissioned with the delivery and installation of the Burkhardt Dryline 8.30 sludge dryer. In Michelstadt, Hesse, a maximum of 50 tonnes of sludge from the local and surrounding sewage treatment plants will be dried every day in future. Much of the assembly work has already been completed, meaning that the electrical installation can begin in the new year. Commissioning is planned for the end of February 2024.

Burkhardt facts and figures 2023

  • Around 470 employees now work at Burkhardt GmbH - 180 of them in the Power Engineering and Sludge drying divisions.
  • A total of around 350 wood gasifiers have already been installed worldwide.
  • Since the development of the wood chip wood gasifier, 10 former pellet wood gasifiers have been converted.
  • The oldest wood gas-fuelled CHP unit has already clocked up 104,000 operating hours.
  • Around 20 wood gasifiers with CHP units have been running for more than 90,000 operating hours.