Combined Heat and Power Plants

Three new Burkhardt wood gas plants in operation in Austria

Three new Burkhardt wood gas plants in operation in Austria

Burkhardt's newest facilities in Austria are located in Hall in Tyrol at Gutmann GmbH. As the largest private energy supplier, Gutmann GmbH is active in the fuel, heating oil, pellets, natural gas, green electricity and solid fuels sectors. Since mid-2020, the energy supplier has been operating Austria's largest pellet storage with up to 10,000 tons of pellets in Hall in Tyrol. The three Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifiers and the associated combined heat and power plants have been supplied from this storage since February 2023.

A total of 780 kW of heat and 495 kW of electricity can be generated every hour. In total, this amounts to 6 million kWh of heat and 4 million kWh of electricity per year, which can be fed into the district heating network and the public power grid. Gutmann is thus making an important contribution to Tyrol's goal of being energy self-sufficient by 2050, phasing out fossil fuels and supplying itself on balance with domestic energy from renewable resources. 

With the plants in Hall in Tyrol, a total of 28 Burkhardt wood gas plants are installed at ten locations in Austria. A further 13 plants were sold in 2023 and are scheduled to go on stream this year and next.

  • On the upper floor, removal from the silos and onward transport to the wood gasifiers takes place.

  • A thermochemical conversion process (pyrolysis) takes place in the three wood gasifiers, so that wood gas is produced. Copyright: © Gutmann GmbH

  • Three Burkhardt V3.90S wood gasifiers are housed in one room to save space.

  • The highly efficient Burkhardt combined heat and power plant converts wood gas into power and heat.