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Wood gasifier V4.50 takes to the road

Since November 2021, we - along with our wood gasifier - have been part of the European FRONTSH1P circular economy project, which is funded under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project comprises four major focal areas: Wood Packaging, Food & Feed, Wastewater & Nutrients and Urban and industrial Plastic & Rubber Waste. The aim is to further the transition to a circular economy in the above areas in various regions, including Łódzkie (Poland). The Wood Packaging part of the project aims to find circular solutions for the recycling of wood packaging residues so that they are no longer considered simply as waste but instead as a valuable resource. It also promotes the cascading use of wood as a raw material. After being used as wood packaging, high-quality wood is processed and recycled for the production of other wooden products (e.g. tables or chairs). Wood residues or low-quality wood can be used to generate energy and CO2 can be separated from the waste gas for industrial processes.

To undertake this task, we are supplying our wood gasifier V4.50 (without CHP) in a container. The wood gasifier runs on waste wood pellets from wooden pallets and other wood packaging residues. The use of this special fuel has several advantages: It not only minimises waste and therefore disposal costs, it also uses a fuel that is not expensive.

Our wood gasifier also produces renewable heat (through wood gas combustion), charcoal and CO2 for further use in other applications. For example, the charcoal produced is analysed for its potential use in the plastics industry and agriculture. CO2, which is separated after combustion, can be used as a blowing agent in the plastics industry.

For the project, modifications were made to the wood gasifier compared to the standard model, such as a fully equipped gas analysis system, some additional outlets in the gas line and the omission of the emergency gas filter. The container used is also not the same as our standard V4.50 container. It is designed to be large enough to house all the system components, such as the wood pellet store, conveyor technology, ventilation system and cooling circuit. Even the flare and maintenance accessories can be stowed inside during transport. This means that the complete system can be transported easily and cost-effectively, and reassembly at the next location is comparatively rapid.

Before delivery at the end of July, the entire container system in Mühlhausen was put into operation as a test. We were able to welcome representatives from the University of Bozen, who are supporting operations at the first location in Italy.

During the 4-year project duration, the plant will operate firstly in Italy, then in Greece and finally in Poland during the 4-year project. We are responsible for transporting the equipment to the various locations, as well as for installation and commissioning and the instruction of local operating personnel. We also provide advice and support during the test runs.

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